Daniel Barbero and Jessica Young in a glacial cave Read More

Daniel Barbero has a media internship for PWSC

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

PWSC Social Media Coordinator Jessica Young is collaborating with outdoor leadership student Daniel Barbero on an internship.

My Youth Preparedness Initiative Course participants Read More

My Youth Preparedness Initiative

 |  George Keeney  | 

George Keeney is teaching the My Youth Preparedness Initiative at the Valdez High School. Seventeen students are in the final stages of completing this course, which they started in August. George has collaborated with other community members to enrich the students’ learning experience.

Ashley Hicks, PWSC student Read More

Meet the Students: Ashley Hicks

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Ashley Hicks has faced many challenges in her young life, including dealing with addiction. Ashley hit rock bottom after the birth of her special needs son. Knowing that she needed to turn her life around for herself and her son, Ashley sought help through a residential treatment program. With time and perseverance, she regained her focused, and continued to pursue her education at PWSC. Ashley will be graduating with a degree from PWSC in May.

Haason Scott Read More

Haason Scott

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Haason Scott is an outdoor leadership student. He fell in love with the outdoors in 2015 after he had an internship with a national park.

Valdez Adventure Alliance staff at PWSC in Valdez, Alaska Read More

Students intern for the Valdez Adventure Alliance

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Haasan Scott and Joey Kay are both enrolled in the outdoor leadership program and are excited to be the new interns for the Valdez Adventure Alliance!

PWSC outdoor leadership student Jorge Mandujano Read More

Meet the students: Jorge Mandujano, Jr.

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Jorge is inspired to help others experience the benefits of outdoor recreation because that is what helped him when he was going through his own hardships.

Kerra Apolo Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kerra Apolo

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Kerra has a long history with PWSC. She first started as a student, and after graduating in 2010, she has held several job positions. Presently she works in the business office as a fiscal technician. In addition to working for PWSC, Kerra is an advocate at Advocates for Victims of Violence (AVV).

Paul May Read More

How Paul May stays fit for adventure

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

An adventurer and sailor, Paul has been on top of over 300 summits and is credited for more than 80 first ascents in Alaska. He enjoys sailing and anchoring at places where he can get off the boat to climb mountains. Now aged 70, he sees the value of staying active in the gym to help him stay active outside. “I credit the gym work with allowing me to continue playing in our mountains in my 70th decade. No end in sight, yet.”

Copper Basin Extension Site Coordinator Katie Bobowski Read More

Employee Spotlight: Katie Bobowski

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Katie Bobowski is the coordinator of the Copper Basin Extension Center. She does a lot for the Center, but one key role that she plays is to coordinate community outreach and education for the college in the Copper Basin area.

Andrew Bradley practices CPR Read More

Meet the students Monday: Andrew Bradley

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Andrew Bradley is a senior at the Valdez High School and a dual-credit student at PWSC. Andrew has lived in many places: Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Kodiak, and even Japan. Out of all of the places he has lived Valdez is his favorite!


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