PWSC student on the job as an intern at Seed Media

“Right now, I am doing exactly what I wanted to do a year ago. My internship at Seed Media has marked a huge milestone in my life and I cannot wait to see where it brings me.”

-Jeremy Gallman, Internship at Seed Media

The purpose of an internship is to provide students learning experiences which allow them to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom.  A student must have instructor approval to enroll in an internship course for academic credit. Before granting approval, the instructor will consider the previous courses the student has taken, the workplace with which the student proposes to work, and the student’s intended learning outcomes for the internship. Once accepted into an internship and during the work experience, the student will complete assignments designed to guide reflective thinking about the work experience and how it relates to classroom learning.

What is an internship?

  • Internships are three-way partnerships between students, hosts, and the college.
  • Internships are supervised work experiences with an intentional learning strategy so that a student may earn college credit upon completion.
  • Internships emphasize professional and personal development and require performance assessments from supervisors and professors.

Why do an internship?

  • Explore professional interests
  • Make valuable contacts and references
  • Generate employment opportunities
  • Work with industry professionals
  • Acquire hands-on experience

NPS Internship Opportunities 

The National Park Service (NPS) and Prince William Sound College have partnered to offer internships to PWSC students. 

NPS Internships

How to apply for an Internship for academic credit:

  • If you are interested in using an internship for academic credit, follow these steps: 

    If you are interested in using an internship for academic credit, follow these steps: 

    • Step 1:  Make an appointment with the Internship Program Coordinator and obtain the Internship Application Packet
      *Students must meet with the Internship Program Coordinator prior to receiving an internship application
    • Step 2: Find an internship and meet with your academic advisor and your faculty advisor for acceptance into an internship course.
    • Step 3: Submit completed internship application with a job description to your faculty advisor.
    • Step 4: International students - ONLY - must receive approval in writing (memo) from Academic and Student Affairs for submission to the International Student Services Office in order to receive a current I-20.
    • *International students are not permitted to work until they have obtained a current signed I-20 and have submitted to Shannon Stites, Academic and Student Affairs Specialist.
    • Step 5: Review and sign the Academic Learning Agreement 
    • Step 6: Register for your internship course on UAOnline
    • Step 7: Read and review TITLE IX REFERENCE GUIDE for OFF-CAMPUS PROGRAMS Prince William Sound College-University of Alaska Anchorage. Wait for you faculty advisor's approval before you begin your internship.

    Please note: Incomplete internship applications will not be accepted or processed.

    If you have questions, please contact Vicki Heisser the Internship Program Coordinator at 907-834-1667 or