Tutoring and Occupational Development


Alaska Adult Education provides instruction in all academic areas, such as math, reading, grammar and writing. Individualized study plans are developed for each student to enhance employability and/or to meet any other adult learning needs.

Tutoring and classes for Alaska Adult Education (AAE) are designed to meet the needs of students preparing for college or other post-secondary training. The AAE program is designed to support Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act priorities for:

  • Career pathways.
  • Regional economic and workforce needs.
  • Responsiveness to needs of both job seekers and employers.
  • Focus on individuals with barriers to employment.
  • Apprenticeships and other work-based, learning opportunities.
  • Coordination across programs and among partners in high-demand industries and occupations.
  • Industry engagement and industry sector partnerships.

Life Skills and Occupational Development

Life Skills and Occupational Development classes provide students with instruction and workshops that focus on workforce skills as well as community and individual enhancement. PWSC also offers cooperatively sponsored educational opportunities that may lead to associate degrees and certificates in a variety of training programs. Topics vary from family budgeting, resume development, nutrition, child care, and many more. These services are drawn from expressed individual and community needs.