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2023 For Teachers Courses

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In the summer of 2017, PWSC piloted the Math 4 Teachers course. This course led to the development of the For Teachers project. For Teachers courses are open to any teacher but primarily aimed at certified K-12 teachers who are teaching courses that are outside of their primary area of specialty. Each ‘for Teachers’ course is based on a one-week summer experience that includes developing a place-based lesson plan. An optional one-credit fall course includes implementation and reflection of the lesson created during the summer class.

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The For Teachers courses help teachers:

  1. More effectively lead instruction in the discipline
  2. Incorporate place-based and experiential learning ideas into the curriculum
  3. Build lesson plans that achieve the Alaska Standards
  4. Include the Alaska Cultural standards as an equal partner in the teacher’s instruction

The For Teachers courses include four primary components:

  • Instruction
    The instruction component’s main purpose to give teacher tools and ideas on how they can lead instruction in topics where they have less-than-qualifying preparation. This part of the project also includes ideas in lesson plan development and meeting the appropriate Alaska instructional and cultural standards.
  • Activity
    The activity component demonstrates how to incorporate experiential and place-based learning and principles into field instruction. These activities are typically done outdoors (regardless of weather) and they use the outside world as a place of learning.
  • Discussion
    Discussions are ongoing and occur during instruction, the activity, and separately during the evening meetings. Evening activities are typically group-based and also discussion-based.
  • Implementation
     The course culminates during the following fall semester, when the teacher develops and implements a place-based lesson plan using their school district’s template and then writes a report (1 to 2 pages) on their experiences teaching that lesson plan.

Each For Teachers course has its own schedule. Below is a representative schedule to give you an idea of what to generally expect. Please consult with your specific For Teachers page to see the rough draft schedule for your course. The instruction is based in outdoor activities, but we may adapt the schedule for extreme weather or for other unforeseen circumstances and events.

  • General schedule for For Teachers courses
    General schedule for 'for Teachers' courses
    Time Block Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
    a.m.1 Arrive Instruction Instruction Instruction Instruction Instruction Presentations
    a.m. 2 Check-in Instruction Instruction Instruction Instruction Fall Project Presentations
    Lunch             Cookout
    p.m. 1 Introduction Instruction Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Instruction Develop Lesson Plans  
    p.m. 2 Welcome Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activity Develop Lesson Plans  
    Dinner BBQ            
    Evening Group Activity Campfire   Campfire Game/Activity Close/Wrap up