For Teachers

  • 2024 For Teachers Courses

    A content-rich week immersed in classroom and field exercises to deepen teaching pedagogy. Teachers will walk away with lesson plans, resources, tools to help fit the curriculum into a classroom or virtual learning environment, and examples of place-based lesson planning.

Professional development that meets the unique needs of Alaska teachers...

For Teachers courses are open to any teacher but primarily aimed at certified K-12 teachers in rural or remote Alaska who are not content experts in the course subject matter. Each ‘for Teachers’ course is based on a one-week summer experience that includes developing a place-based lesson plan. An additional one-credit fall course includes implementation and reflection of the lesson created during the summer class.


Alaska teachers can attend this program for free summers 2024-2026 thanks to grant funding! Tuition, academic fees, and housing are free. Travel and food stipends may be available.


For more information about this program, you can contact PWSC - Copper Basin Extension Site:

contact: Katie Bobowski


call: 907-822-3673 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. AKST)

Why you should come...

Piloted in 2019, every student said this was the best professional development they had ever had.

  • Not only will you develop your teaching skills, you will forge friendships and share experiences that are unparalleled - even in Alaska.
  • Gives teachers the ablity to reconnect and re-energize their passion for teaching.
  • Mixes classroom activities with place-based/outdoor activities, which asks the teachers to not only consider their curriculum, but to also consider their classroom.
  • Collaborative workshop activities allow STEM teachers to meet and network with other educators who are living through the same experience.

Summer 2024 For Teachers Courses

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Applications will open in January 2024. To receive notification of the application opening, please fill out the above Google Form.

The For Teachers courses include four primary components:

  • Place-Based
    Incorporate place-based and experiential learning ideas into the curriculum
  • Culturally relevant
    Include the Alaska Cultural standards as an equal partner in the teacher's instruction
  • Content rich
    More effectively lead instruction in the discipline
  • Standards-based
    Build lesson plans that achieve the Alaska Standards

Program Funding

This work is supported by the USDA National Insitute of Food and Agriculture

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