Governance & Strategic Planning

PWSC Strategic Planning

The governance committees are charged each year with developing planning documents for their respective areas. Included in the planning documents are recommendations to be submitted for prioritization. Academic and non-academic programs are charged each year to produce program reviews. Included in the program reviews are recommendations to be submitted for prioritization. The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) collects and prioritizes recommendations received from governance committees. The IEC then produces a report of prioritized recommendations for the college director.

The college director and the cabinet review the governance committee planning documents, program reviews, and the IEC prioritization report. The information from these documents are used to develop strategic goals, division goals, and committee charges.

PWSC's strategic goals are developed to be in alignment with the University of Alaska's Shaping Alaska's Future and University of Alaska Anchorage Strategic Plan.

2017-2018 Strategic Goals


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