Testing and Proctoring Services

Test, pencil, and paper


PWSC offers placement testing and proctoring services. Our Extension Centers also offer these services. Contact them directly at the Copper Basin Campus (907.822.3673) or the Cordova Campus (907.424.7598) for scheduling.

Test Proctoring

PWSC Student Affairs provides proctored testing services to University of Alaska distance students, as well as to members of the community in need of an official proctored test site. UA Students can request PWSC as their testing site through their main campus’ eLearning sites.

If you are a student or an instructor requesting a proctored exam for another university or certifying organziation, please send requests and materials to pwsc.testing@alaska.edu for further consideration.  You can also phone PWSC Student Affairs at 907.834.1600 for information and appointments.

If you are not a University of Alaska student, you must pay a proctor fee (see Proctoring Fees below).

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a sufficient amount of time for their exams, and present receipt of payment at the time of testing.

Proctoring Fees

(Effective April 15th, 2022)

  • Current Proctoring Fees

    Placement Tests

    Writing Assessments:

    • Accuplacer:  $21.50 exam fee
    • Writing Sample:  No fee

    Math Assessment

    • ALEKS®:  No fee

    Certification Exams

    • D.E.C. (Department of Environmental Conservation): $40 proctor fee (up to 3 hours)
      • Includes Wastewater Treatment, Pesticide, etc.
    • Maritime Certifications: $40 proctor fee
      • Includes Captain and Mate exams
    • Pearson VUE: Costs vary by exam
      • Pearson testing is proctored through Academic Affairs. Please contact Jay Stevens at 907-834-1617 or mjstevens2@alaska.edu.

    PWSC can proctor just about any exam!  If you need more information, please contact the Prince William Sound College Student Affairs Department at 907-834-1600 or email us at pwsc.testing@alaska.edu.

    Admissions and Entrance Exams

    Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS VI)

    Pre-admission exam used for admission to the UAA School of Nursing.  The TEAS VI test is a multiple choice exam that contains four sections.  The overall test contains 170 questions and has a three hour and 29 minute (209 minutes) time limit.

    ATI Teas VI Format  

    • Remote TEAS VI, Proctored at PWSC: $121.50 exam fee
    • Online TEAS VI, Virtual Proctor: $121.50 exam fee

    Pre-admissions exam used for students entering the UAA School of Nursing.    



    Proctoring Fees 

    Distance Exams within the University of Alaska System: No fee

    University Exams outside of the University of Alaska System: 

    • 1 hour or less:    $20
    • 2 hours or less:  $30
    • 3 hours or less:  $40
    • 4 hours or less:  $50
    • 5 hours or less:  $60
    • 6 hours or more: $90


If you are a student or an instructor requesting a proctored exam for another university or certifying organization, please send requests and materials to pwsc.testing@alaska.edu for further consideration.  You can also call PWSC Student Affairs at 907-834-1600 for information and appointments.

Placement Testing

Before registering for classes, most new students and some returning students will need to complete placement tests in writing and math.  The results will help your academic advisor place you in the most appropriate writing and math courses for your skill level.  These tests are not graded; they are solely an assessment tool.  Matching current skill level with the correct beginning courses in writing and mathematics will increase the likelihood of success as you begin your program of study.

*Please note that ALEKS® mathematics test scores are valid for one year.  Accuplacer writing scores do not expire.  However, we encourage students to retest if they have been out of school for a significant period a time.

Writing Assessment

PWSC uses multiple measures to provide students with a variety of ways to demonstrate their assess a student's There are two options PWSC uses Accuplacer for writing course placement. This series of two tests, Next Generation Reading and Next Generation Writing, are untimed.  Plan for one hour to 90 minutes (some students require more time, some less).

What you will need:

  • Photo I.D. – Driver’s license, state issued I.D. card, passport, or PWSC Student ID.
  • UA ID number or Social Security Number
  • $21 fee paid prior to testing – Students must pay the fee with a cashier and show proof of payment in the test center for Accuplacer English Tests. If you are unhappy with your Accuplacer scores, you may retest once per subject per semester. You must wait a minimum of 2 days before you retest, and pay the fee again.

Preparing for Accuplacer:

If it has been awhile since you have taken a writing class, you may want to brush up on your skills before testing. The following websites may be helpful to you:

If you are unable to take Accuplacer tests on a PWSC campus, distance testing can be arranged. Call Student Affairs at 907-834-1600 for more information.


Mathematics provides the foundation for many of the science, business, and professional courses you will take during your college years.  Most students are required to take at least one math course to earn a degree.  The Math Placement Assessment is through ALEKS.  It is fully automated, adaptive system that covers materials from Basic Math through Precalculus and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.  After the assessment, a targeted Prep and Learning Module is available for you to review and learn material, and to improve placement and eventual course outcomes.

  • You have the opportunity to re-test up to four times.  You are required to spend 3 hours in the Prep and Learning Module before the second attempt, and 5 hours before subsequent attempts.
  • If a previous math placement score resulted in a higher math placment, the system will keep the higher score.  Assessment scores are valid for 12 months.
  • Once you begin the placement test you will have 3 hours to complete the test or you will have to start over.

Placement test for Mathematics will include proctoring through Respondus.  This is part of a statewide effort to improve placement accuracy for student success.

Students will have two options for how they choose to complete the ALEKS:

  1. Option 1:  Login to ALEKS virtually through a desktop or non-Chromebook laptop/tablet with a working webcam.  Follow the prompts to download the required software that launches lockdown and webcam recording before proceeding to complete the test.  Review the ALEKS system requirements for more information.
  2. Option 2:  Contact PWSC Testing Services 907.834.1600 | pwsc.testing@alaska.edu to have the ALEKS proctored.

If you are having technical difficulties, please refer to the UA ALEKS website or ALEKS student support at 1.800.258.2374.  If students choose the virtual proctoring format, you are still able to complete the ALEKS at any time.  

What you will need:

  • UA I.D. number – New students can create a student account by going to UAOnline and applying for admission or filling out a Request Information (Prospective Student) form. Returning students can look up their student ID number at https://me.uaa.alaska.edu/ or ask Student Affairs for assistance.

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