GED® Testing

In addition to GED® Testing, PWSC also offers Adult Secondary Education instruction to assist those who did not complete high school. Students can obtain their high school equivalency diploma (GED®) by passing tests in the academic areas of Reading Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. The GED® diploma is recognized by businesses, industry, civil service departments, licensing bureaus, and institutions of higher learning.

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Start Here

Students begin the GED® process by registering at PWSC with the ABE Coordinator. Completion of the GED® program can be the gateway for further career and academic opportunities, including programs offered at PWSC such as Industrial Technology, Outdoor Leadership, Nursing or General Studies.

Steps for obtaining your GED®:

1. Register by doing the following:

  • Schedule a time to meet with the ABE Coordinator.
  • Complete the PWSC registration form.
  • Complete the ABE intake form.
  • Schedule the TABE® test.

2. Take the TABE® Test

  1. Locator test (~37 minutes)
  2. Reading and Vocabulary (~35 minutes)
  3. Math Computation (~15 minutes)
  4. Applied Math (~25 minutes)

3. Goal Setting Interview

  1. TABE® score review
  2. Scores on the TABE® test will help determine what content is needed to prepare students for the GED® test.

4. Tutoring for the GED®

  1. In many cases, 40–60 hours (or more) of studying may be needed to prepare to pass the GED® test in one or more of the four tested content areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science.
  2. In some cases a high TABE® score may indicate that no tutoring is needed and the student may request to take the GED® test without tutoring.
  3. Students sign up online at
  4. Students may attend regularly scheduled GED® tutoring with other GED®/Career Prep students or set up a more independent study tutoring approach with the ABE Coordinator.

5. Official GED® Practice Test (GED Ready®)

  1. Students may purchase GED Ready® at to take the official practice tests at any time and at cost to the student (~$6 for each subject).
  2. Students are recommended to counsel with the ABE Coordinator to review in class tutoring progress and any assessments prior to taking the GED Ready® exams.
  3. The PWSC Testing Center is available for GED Ready® tests that may be taken for all of the four content indicators at one time or individually.
  4. GED Ready® scores will provide same-day scoring, for students to get timely feedback indicating if they are likely to pass the real GED® Test.
  5. If students are not ready for the GED® test, they will receive specific instructions on what to study next.

6. The GED® Test

  1. Students may schedule GED® tests online at at least 24 hours prior to testing (please contact the ABE Coordinator separately in regards to scheduling the GED® Test).
  2. Students pay online with a credit card at (each test is $30 – all four subjects $120).
  3. The GED® test is made up of the following types of questions: multiple choice, drag and drop, hot spot (select an area), fill in the blank, short answer, extended response.
  4. Each test is a different length: Math (115 minutes), Science (90 minutes), Social Studies (90 minutes), Reasoning Through Language Arts (150 minutes).
  5. Passing scores for GED® tests are 145 for each subject area and tests may be re-taken at a discount if students do not pass (up to 3 chances per year).

7. After Successful Completion of the GED® Test:

  1. Students will be counseled for post-secondary instruction.
  2. Students will be assisted with job placement through the local Department of Labor and Workforce Development Job Center.