Joe rides on all terrain vehicle in Wrangell St. Elias National Park Read More

Joe Kay shares about his NPS internship experience

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Not only does Joe get to see the wonders of the park, but he gets to live and explore among the Wrangell Mountains for three months while he participates in the internship. While mapping trail conditions, Joe spent five days camping in the park where he was able to put a few of his PWSC outdoor courses to use.

Megan Gunderson and sons and the beach in Valdez, Alaska Read More

The Early Childhood Development Project

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Finding good and affordable childcare and having the tools to ensure that care promotes their children’s physical and intellectual development, can be difficult for many working parents, and Valdez, Alaska, is no exception. Understanding this challenge, PWSC’s Dr. Teresa Barton and Megan Gunderson are working on a program to create, as Megan puts it, “a wider network of childcare in Valdez,” and to establish workshops and classes that focus on promoting children’s “physical and intellectual development.” To this end, they’ve created the Early Childhood Development Project.

PWSC student Matt Shiffner on the job with the Bureau of Land Management Read More

Matthew Shiffner interns for the Bureau of Land Management

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PWSC student Matthew Shiffner is happy to be in his element working as an intern with the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Glennallen Field Office (GFO). Recently we caught up with him and BLM’s Outdoor Recreation Planner Jan Miller.

Anthony Gerasch fishing in Prince William Sound, Alaska Read More

Anthony Gerasch to implement new marine technology program

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PWSC is excited to have Anthony Gerasch Jr. join the college team and begin building a new marine service technology program. Gerasch brings an incredible amount of expertise with him, and we recently had the opportunity to find out more about his background, his abundant enthusiasm for living in Alaska, and his plans for the marine tech program.

Jay Stevens at the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference in 2017 Read More

Jay Stevens

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Having lived here in Alaska for most of his life, Jay has spent the last five years working at PWSC. Jay works as an administrative assistant for academics. When he isn’t working at the college, one of his passions and favorite hobbies is theatre,

PWSC student Joe Kay on a hike in Alaska Read More

Joe Kay start his internship with the National Park Service

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Having come back to Alaska during COVID-19, Joe Kay had to spend his first two weeks in quarantine before beginning his internship at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (NPS).

Eric Filardi, PWSC Alaska Tech Learners program participant Read More

Nenana school district teacher Eric Filardi participates in the Alaska Tech Learners program

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Eric Filardi, a teacher who participated in the Alaska Tech Learners grant program, teaches at a residential school in Nenana, Alaska. His school has nearly 200 students, half of whom are from Alaskan villages across the state.

Dawson Moore, Last Frontier Theatre Conference Coordinator Read More

Interview with VLFTC Coordinator Dawson Moore

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Dawson Moore has worked for PWSC since 2003. Over the years he has served in many different roles and has made many significant contributions. Now his job is primarily to serve as the coordinator of the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Moore’s involvement in the conference started long ago.

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Go full time and save up to $1,702!

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Now is a great time to enroll in fall classes! Students who enroll in 12 credits or more by July 1, 2020, will receive a $702 credit on their student account! If you’re planning to live in student housing, complete the housing application and course registration processes by July 1, 2020, and receive an additional $1,000 credit for housing costs.

Teresa Barton, PWSC Adult Education Coordinator Read More

Teresa Barton is a part of the Population Health Committee

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Adult Education Coordinator Dr. Teresa Barton is a part of the Population Health Committee (PHC) for Valdez. This committee works to: “provide initiatives that focus on the well-being of the entire community.”