Damian Van Sleet

by Vicki Heisser  |   

PWSC student Damian Van Sleet knows a thing or two about living off the grid in remote Alaska. His parents moved to Alaska several years ago where they bought some land and built a log home. Damian shares, “We are self-sufficient. We haul and filter our water from a local river and use solar panels and a generator for power.”

After graduating from high school, Damian worked for 2 years and then decided to explore college. He had seen something about Prince William Sound College on Google years before and told himself,” I might go to college there some day.”

Today Damian is a student in the outdoor leadership program taught by Erin Cutts, Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership. “Erin was the one that really helped me to get the ball rolling. After I had shown interest in the program, she reached out, provided information and encouragement, and now I am finishing my second semester of school. Damian shares, “I chose this program because I want to work in outdoor education. I love everything about it. The classes I have taken so far are really good, like the Swift Water Rescue class. It provided so much knowledge and hands-on experiences. I feel confident that if someone needs assistance trying to rescue someone in the water I can do that."