E-Commerce for Teachers student Noel Bowe

by Vicki Heisser and Jessica Young  |   

PWSC recently had 22 teachers from across the state attend the E-Commerce for Teachers program at PWSC. Teachers who attended the program learned technical computing skills that included basic web page programming. hey also enjoyed exploring Valdez and Thompson Pass! Teachers who completed this course can now team with PWSC faculty to teach the Alaska Tech Learners curriculum at their high school for dual enrollment and as a shared teaching assignment.

Prince William Sound College interview with Noel Bowe

PWSC: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you heard about this program?

Noel: Yes. I teach in a rural village called Manokotak; about 20 miles by plane outside of Dillingham. I heard about this opportunity through Diane Schollmeier. She is involved with the extra continuing education and CTE classes for our school district. She emailed us the student opportunities and staff opportunities.  I actually had a couple of my students, I think, last week come here and now I am here this week.

PWSC: So what do you think the advantages will be for your school by offering this?

Noel: Many of our students do traditional crafts like beading bracelets and necklaces. Some of them make kuspuks and other native crafts and then they sell them locally. Potentially, if they made websites they could sell it online to the people in the community or throughout the state. So I think that could be a neat platform for them to utilize these coding skills, for making websites.  

PWSC: Would you recommend this to other teachers?

Noel: For sure, it's been an awesome class. I have really enjoyed it and I've learned a lot. I came in not knowing very much. And so we've learned basics of coding and scripting, and Steve Johnson has been super patient with some of the individuals like myself who don't know a lot of coding. In addition, it has been an awesome class because there's been a whole bunch of skill levels, like beginners to people who know a lot of stuff. So it has been cool being able to learn so much information in such a short time.

PWSC: So what has been the highlight of your week here with us?

Noel: Going outside and exploring Valdez was a huge highlight. It is so beautiful here. And it was exciting to see that when we make a website we can see that it actually works. Seeing it, you know, being functional and utilized. It's exciting.

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