Student spotlight: Monica Pearson

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Originally from Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula, Monica Pearson is now attending PWSC as a dual enrollment student and living in on-campus housing. Pearson, who previously took classes through UAA, happened upon PWSC's Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) in Marine Services Technology and decided to learn more. For Pearson, mechanical engineering had always been interesting, and she found the marine services technology program intriguing. After discussing it with her mother, she decided she "absolutely" wanted to pursue the certification.
Now in Valdez, Pearson is enjoying her time in the program.
"It's awesome. I've learned so much, and it appeals to how I learn, which is more hands-on with the quizzes. I feel like I'm getting the most out of it that I could."
When she's not in classes, Pearson enjoys getting to know those in housing and exploring Valdez.
"Everyone seems super connected and nice. Going out with our marine services technology instructor, Anthony Gerasch, is cool because he knows everybody down at the harbor…and everyone's just so cool and so nice and accommodating. I think it's been really positive. I like having people around…and being more active, and it's been nice to live in such a walkable town…and that's really fun."
Once she's completed the OEC in Marine Services Technology, Pearson would like to get a full-time job as a technician.
"There's a career path to be a Yamaha technician, and that is a solid career that I think would be fun to pursue. I really want to work on the big, fun pleasure yachts and stuff out of the fancy harbors like Spain and France."
While Pearson has goals for her future, right now, she's enjoying her time at PWSC in Valdez and looks forward to learning and exploring more while she's here.