Interview with Yosselin Gheen

by Shannon Stites  |   

What has been your motivation for completing your degree?

My motivation for completing my degree has been to build on goals for what’s next in my future. As a mother of three, I subconsciously know that my children won’t be little for long. I need to be able to provide for myself with opportunities in the long run of my professional career. At the same time in doing so, my children are able to grasp an example of how great things don’t come easily.

How long has it taken you to complete your degree?

Overall, it has taken me 14 years to complete; I’m a bit shy to say. I first started my journey in completing my associate degree a year after high school, in 2005. With life comes the unknown, and my educational goals came to a halt for 12 years, after losing a friend, and many other life events in 2006. In 2017, I found myself on a path with two options. The path I chose was to finish what I had started many years ago and prove to myself that I am capable of accomplishing goals with obstacles, as long as I focus on what’s truly important for myself.

What were some obstacles you had to overcome while obtaining your degree?

The biggest obstacle I had in accomplishing this degree was not having enough time in my day-to-day to regain my mental strength to keep going. I returned into the full-time workforce after years of being a stay-at-home mother to my children and devoted myself to becoming a full-time student as well. I had many life factors surrounding me that were outside of my control but also influenced my performance, be it good or bad. Overcoming these obstacles wouldn’t have been possible had I not used my resources wisely and learned to ask for help from family and friends.

What advice would you give to another student?

I would say that my biggest piece of advice to anyone with many life paths to take, if unable to take them, is to think about what you want and give it time to wait and see if it’s right for you. We all want to assume that our first attempt at something will be the perfect answer, but sometimes we miss the fine details and have to learn the hard way that things don’t always come as they seem. Failing is the best thing that can happen in your life; it is the only way that you will see what you need to do better for yourself.

How do you believe your college education has benefited you? In addition, how will it benefit you in the future?

I feel that my college education has benefited me every single semester, in the best way possible that it could have, in reflection to my own life events. I am forever grateful to my adviser that helped me select the best courses to help me achieve my degree, but that also gave me a completely dynamic schedule in correlation to things I was already doing or seeking out. I needed someone to believe in me during a rough period in life, and she did without any hesitation. I know this has and will continue to benefit me in my future as I hope to one day be someone’s person that just believes in them.