Yamaha and AMEC are working on a marine tech training program in Alaska.

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Representatives from Yamaha, Dan Jedlicka (District Service Manager), and Kenyon Ward (Senior Marine Training Coordinator) are visiting the campus this week to support and train Anthony Gerasch, the marine technology instructor at PWSC, and other educators throughout the state. Their visit is part of a more significant effort by Yamaha Motor Company and the Alaska Maritime Education Consortium (AMEC) to develop a marine technical training program in remote areas of Alaska.

In 2022, Governor Mike Dunleavy, Dr. Tamika L. Ledbetter, University of Alaska President Pat Pitney, and Yamaha Marine President Ben Speciale signed a Training Program Agreement to establish the partnership between Yamaha and AMEC. Under this agreement, AMEC can access training materials at or below cost, including engines and tools. Yamaha will also provide training for trainers.

AMEC is a collaborative program between UAA, UAF, UAS, and AVTEC to train workers in shipbuilding, vessel repair and maintenance, port maintenance, and vessel operations. The goal is to equip Alaskans with the skills necessary for careers in these priority occupations, as outlined in the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan.

During their visit, Dan and Kenyon will provide valuable resources and instruction to Anthony Gerasch and other marine technology educators across the state.