Interview with Paxton

by Vicki Heisser  |   

While many high school students are focused on simply completing their classes, Paxton Crum is taking his high school experience a step further. Currently a high school senior, he has spent the last three semesters taking college credit courses as part of the Mat-Su Middle College School, where he can take free college classes through the UAA system. One of the courses he is currently enrolled in is a computer science course through PWSC. 

Right now, Paxton is taking one of Dr. Steve Johnson’s computer science courses. He explains, “I am currently learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Office. We just finished Word and started PowerPoint. Currently [I am taking] only CIS A110 - computer concepts in business. But I am planning on taking another of his classes next semester if everything goes well.”

This semester is not Paxton’s first experience with classes at PWSC, and as he states, “he hopes to continue taking courses through the college.” 

“When I was there in May 2019, taking the Commercial Web Page Development course everybody was great. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Meylani were incredibly helpful and enjoyed passing their knowledge.”

That knowledge is something Paxton continues to immerse himself in as a student in Dr. Johnson’s class.

“I really like his lecture style. Dr. Johnson has a few dozen easy to digest 1-3 minute videos. Every week you watch the videos, complete an assignment, take a short quiz, and participate in a discussion board. Having so many classes, I appreciate the consistent format week after week.”