Meet the students Monday: Megan Chase

by Jessica Young and Vicki Heisser  |   

Megan Chase enrolled in the millwright program because she is interested in learning a hands-on trade and it worked with her schedule and timeline. She was also ready for a career change, she stated, “I have been in customer service for four years now and I wanted a career change but didn’t know what I wanted to do. This program was a great option because it is only a year long. I work 9-5, five days a week, so it’s really perfect that classes are from 5:30-8:30, and I am really interested in this stuff. I helped my dad build his house. I grew up around tools…With other degrees it’s not hands on… We just finished a math section and I have always been really bad at math. Up until then. I got one of the highest scores on the test because it all just clicked.”

You may have seen Megan riding her bike with her dog in town. She rescued the dog and said that all he wants to do is pull so for her class project she decided to make a dog sled, but first she will be building a steamer. Megan said, “I am going to use the steamer to steam and then bend the wood to form it into the shape of a dog sled.”

We look forward to seeing the final product! Welcome to PWSC, Megan!