Alumni Jeremy Gallman's recent project with Beckah Shae

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Interview with PWSC Alumni Jeremy Gallman (JG) 

PWSC: Thank you for doing this interview, Jeremy. What have you been up to since graduating from PWSC? 

JG: After graduating, I continued my work at Seed Media in Valdez. People in this region of Alaska are doing great things that deserve to be captured and shared. This career is about immersing yourself in other people's stories with the intention of telling them powerfully.

PWSC: How did the school prepare you for your career? 

JG: I remember 4 years ago, my first few months at PWSC... how staff and faculty would help point me in the right direction. My initial connection to Seed Media was actually through referral by a former professor (D.B. Palmer)! I was met with many different opportunities as a student and felt I had the school's support. My career path was reinforced by active student/professor engagement and various classes that brought me out of my comfort zone.

PWSC: What were your favorite classes? 

JG: There were classes that tied in directly to my Adventure Filmmaking emphasis, such as pre-production, video editing, and film research. However, the most memorable, valuable, favorite classes were on leadership, communication, and camping/outdoor skills.

PWSC: What advice do you have for new students interested in attending PWSC? Any thoughts about the area?

JG: I'd say you're not just going to PWSC; you're going to Valdez- a new place with new people and new possibilities. Yes, the community of Valdez is small but also quite diverse. Opportunities come and go, but the panoramic Chugach Mountains will forever remain. The location of PWSC is a reason to go, all within itself! I believe there is untapped potential there for students who yearn for change in their life.

PWSC: Please share with me about your recent project with Seed Media and Beckah Shae. The filming is absolutely stunning. What was involved to make it?

 JG: Sure, the Seed Media team recently produced a pro bono music video with a Christian-worship singer by the name of Beckah Shae. It was 72 hours of non-stop video production traveling to and from the most scenic locations near Valdez (Thompson Pass, Horsetail Falls, Homestead Trail, Glacier Lake, and Keystone Canyon Cave. Lowe Riverbed). Her song, "Awake" is a message of light, positivity, and overcoming complacency in a time of darkness/confusion. You can see it here:

I've worked on hundreds of videos, but this was an unforgettable one. I'm humbled to have participated and over the years I've wondered, "If I hadn't gone to PWSC, would I'd have received the same opportunities?" Maybe yes... maybe no. The undeniable truth is that PWSC helped me; and in the end, that's what I'm thankful for.