Welcome, Dr. Glazier!

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Amanda Glazier, Ph.D., has joined PWSC as the new Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Biology. Dr. Glazier took some time to tell us about her background and her interest in coming to PWSC and Valdez. 

PWSC: Welcome to PWSC. So, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Dr. Glazier: I grew up in Connecticut, playing all sorts of sports…and skiing all over the place. I went to college at the University of Maryland College Park, majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Marine Biology, an Honors citation, and a certification in Latin American Studies. After college I moved to San Diego [where I] had an internship with the navy. I moved from there back to New England, to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts where I lived for a year and a half before starting grad school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I transferred from a master's program there to a PhD program at UMASS Boston. After my PhD, I got a postdoc at Temple University in Philadelphia, where I stayed for 4 years with a promotion to a Research Assistant Professor. While there I was able to participate in 5 deep-sea research cruises in the Gulf of Mexico and off of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, including having the chance to go down to 1000m depth in a submarine. It was a fantastic experience. I then moved over to Haverford College, still in the Philly area, as a Visiting Assistant Professor where I was able to develop my own courses, including a project-based lab and field intensive course which was super fun. While here in Philly…I've been working on longer and longer trail runs and am excited to explore trails out there, do some fun skiing, climbing, kayaking, and all the amazing adventures Valdez has to offer!

PWSC: So, tell us about your position at PWSC? What classes are you teaching? 

Dr. Glazier: I am the Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Biology. This semester I will be teaching Environmental Science and Biota of Alaska. My background is in marine biology so I'm excited to start some interesting environmental biology courses, as well as some research that students will be involved in and summer field experience type programs.

PWSC: What excites you about teaching, about teaching environmental science? 

Dr. Glazier: I love sharing topics that I am passionate about with students and seeing their interest sparked by those topics. I like teaching environmental science and environmental biology courses because they are topics that people experience every day. For example, someone might go out for a fishing trip, have some great luck, and have a great meal but not think about how that fish is connected to the broader ecosystem. I enjoy getting people to understand a bit more, and a bit more deeply, their surroundings and environment.

PWSC: Outside of teaching, what are some of your hobbies and interests? 

Dr. Glazier: My hobbies are basically anything outside. I love running, both on trails and on roads, hiking, camping, kayaking, climbing, skiing... Pretty much anything that gets me outside and into nature. I'm also always reading some sort of novel and enjoy cooking interesting meals.

PWSC: As a professor, you of course influence and advise your students. What's the best piece of advice someone has given you?

Dr. Glazier: Don’t take things personally or listen to very negative people. There are many people who are just plain negative and might say very harmful things. Usually, the way they frame comments is more about themselves and not about your performance or anything you have done. Try to hear what they say, cut out the harmful tone or words, and try to find if there is any useful bit you can take away from the comments. If so, great! If not, move on.

PWSC: What is the one thing you are deeply proud of in your life?

Dr. Glazier: My 14-year-old nephew had to write an essay about why he is interested in a marine science-oriented camp for the summer. In that essay he said that he's interested because his aunt is a Marine Biologist and "she's cool." I'm super proud of inspiring a 14-year-old to go to a summer science camp, and of getting the "cool" approval.