Student spotlight: William Benes

by Vicki Heisser  |   

William Benes is a 19-year-old PWSC student who recently worked at our local long-term care facility after obtaining his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate. He has now started working as a PRN (as-needed) employee. Although his schedule is unpredictable, he approaches his work with professionalism and dedication to helping others.
Benes has aspirations of becoming a nurse and is currently focusing on completing his prerequisites. He believes in the importance of continuous education and sees his role at the facility as an opportunity to learn and grow in the healthcare field.
While obtaining his CNA certificate gave him a foundational understanding of the field, he acknowledges that his real-world experiences on the job taught him the practical skills necessary for his role.
Benes believes that patience and kindness are the pillars of his profession. He strives to maintain a balance between his professional responsibilities and everyday life. He values making authentic connections with the people he serves and works alongside. He is also a state-certified EMT and a former student of George Keeney.
Benes is dedicated to improving his community through healthcare and is committed to growth and excellence.