Graduate spotlight: Phoenix Roberts

by Vicki Heisser  |   

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Phoenix Roberts, a talented individual with a strong passion for art and music. During our conversation, Phoenix shared their creative pursuits, love for goth rock music, and their journey to obtaining a GED.

Phoenix enjoys painting, drawing, and listening to music. They enjoy goth rock, with a particular interest in the iconic band Bauhaus. Their musical preferences also include indie and post-punk genres.
We asked Phoenix about their academic journey and motivation to complete a GED. They candidly shared that traditional schooling was difficult and overwhelming for them. Phoenix's family played a crucial role in supporting their decision to pursue a GED.

Phoenix also shared the challenges they faced while going through the GED process. However, they highlighted the program's benefits, such as flexible scheduling and short classes, each lasting at most 45 minutes. Phoenix expressed gratitude towards their family for their unwavering support throughout their educational journey. 
When asked about advice for anyone facing similar challenges, Phoenix reassured them that completing a GED is manageable, emphasizing the importance of pacing oneself.

Congratulations to Phoenix for their journey and for demonstrating the transformative power of determination, family support, and pursuing one's passions. Their story serves as a reminder that success comes in many forms and there are alternative paths in education.