Independent research project fosters hands-on learning.

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Hannah Bogdan has been conducting independent research this academic year in collaboration with the Valdez Native Tribe. She studies biofouling communities on oyster farms, collecting water samples, and monitoring oyster communities.
As part of her endeavor to share knowledge and foster a sense of hands-on learning, she recently took two marine natural resource technician students, Jane and Brittany, on a boat field trip to the oyster farm between Shoup Bay and Gold Creek. During this field trip, the students observed firsthand how Hannah collects the samples and learned about various techniques and technologies for gathering data. Through this experience, Jane and Brittany gained valuable insights into marine research, environmental stewardship, and experiential learning, which could shape their future careers as marine natural resource technicians.

Bogdan's research project is being conducted in collaboration with several organizations, including the Valdez Native Tribe, UAF, the City of Valdez, and the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council (PWSRCAC).