Graduate spotlight: Lysette Doran

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Nikki Newcome has lived on her steel sailing barge Zwerver in Valdez Harbor since 1994. She spends entire summers cruising around Prince William Sound. Her vessel must be a comfortable home and a secure, well-maintained cruising vessel. Like all vessels, Zwerver needs yearly maintenance, upgrades, and remodels.
Nikki decided to get some help with her vessel projects this year, and she contacted Anthony Gerasch, marine services technology instructor at PWSC, seeking a capable student to assist her. Anthony, being well aware of the capabilities of his students, recommended Lysette Doran - a recent graduate from the program. After completing her studies, Lysette was excited to accept the job offer and apply her education to a practical project.
Lysette has spent the last month working on Zwerver and has completed several tasks: troubleshooting fuel gauge problems, battery maintenance, corrosion testing, installation of AC outlet and USB, replacement of GFCI, installation of furnace thermostat, oil change, engine heat exchanger clean-out and sampling and repairing/replacing a 50A power cord.
For Lysette, this has been a great experience full of learning and real-world applications for the knowledge she has gained. Lysette has spoken highly of her employment: "I really enjoy Nikki's company, and I love working on projects that will make day-to-day life on boats easier, so this experience has been great so far."
Nikki is pleased with Lysette's commitment and competence. This collaboration between Nikki and Lysette highlights the importance of practical skills in. marine technology services. Ultimately, S/B Zwerver receives quality service and upgrades thanks to the skills and expertise of a capable graduate, Lysette.