Summer 2020 For Teachers Courses

by Jessica Young  |   

Prince William Sound College is pleased to announce the summer 2020 ‘for Teachers’ professional development offerings for Alaska teachers. The ‘for Teachers’ lineup will include courses in technology, environmental science, math, chemistry, and construction. Each ‘for Teachers’ course is based on a one-week summer experience followed by an implementation exercise during the fall.

The ‘for Teachers’ courses model best practices based on the following tenets: Professional development is focused to support content instruction; Instruction supports State of Alaska, Department of Education, English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Computer Science standards; Incorporation of the Alaska Cultural standards are part of a balanced instructional design and planning model; Lesson planning includes place-based and experiential learning as part of relevant educational student activities

The eCommerce, Environmental Science, Math, and Chemistry courses are open to all teachers but are primarily designed for certified teachers that are teaching multiple content areas and require just-in-time content and/or pedagogical professional development. The NCCER Core course is open to teachers holding Type A and Type M certificates teaching Carl Perkins qualifying CTE classes.

Upon successful completion of the course, teachers will earn 3 University of Alaska Anchorage 500 level college credits that may be used for teacher recertification. The cost of the courses varies and can be found on the individual flyer or website for the course. School districts may be able to use Title II, Part A funds to pay for these professional development opportunities. In addition, other scholarship and grant opportunities may be available to offset some or all of the course cost.

More information about the ‘for Teachers’ courses may be found at Contact information for the instructors may be found on the associated web pages.