Industry collaborations provide students with real-world insights and prepare them for specific career paths.

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Our college millwright class was fortunate enough to receive specialized training from Hilcorp, who generously donated an injection compressor for hands-on learning. Collaborations between educational institutions and industry partners are invaluable for students as they provide real-world insights and prepare them for specific career paths.

It was particularly beneficial that Hilcorp sent experts like Chris Lasyone, overhaul tech, and Ryan Armstrong, overhaul tech, to conduct the class and share their practical knowledge. The hands-on experience, where students assembled and disassembled the equipment under their guidance, provided a unique and valuable learning experience.

PWSC is tailoring the millwright program curriculum to focus on key industries such as oil and gas, mining, and power generation, which is innovative, considering the relevance of these sectors and the specific skills students need for success in these fields. PWSC is adapting its curriculum to align with industry needs and trends.

The generous donation of the injection compressor benefits our students directly and enhances the educational resources available at PWSC. Learning about environmentally sound practices in the oil and gas industry, such as re-injecting gas into the ground, adds an essential layer of responsibility and sustainability to the student's education.

This collaboration with Hilcorp is a win-win situation, providing students with valuable exposure to industry practices, hands-on experience, and access to specialized equipment. It's a great example of how partnerships between educational institutions and companies can contribute to the holistic development of students and better prepare them for their future careers.