Haason Scott

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Interview with Haason Scott

PWSC: Good afternoon, Haason. Thank you for doing this interview with me. So, tell me a little bit about yourself - where you are from and how you found out about Prince William Sound College and the outdoor leadership program?

Haason: I'm originally from San Francisco, California. I heard about the college randomly one day, through an Instagram ad. It looked interesting, so I decided to continue doing research on the college, and then I came in September to check out the school. It was everything it said it was online, which was amazing. And I couldn't wait to sign up and come here this spring semester.

PWSC: What is it that motivates you to want to pursue a college program like this one, like outdoor leadership?

Haason: I fell in love with the outdoors. I'll say in 2017. I mean, I always was into the outdoors, but I had an internship in 2017 with a national park in California. There I was able to hike and explore. I realized once I'm outside and I'm hiking and seeing these amazing things, I felt like I was at peace. It is so awesome to be able to, you know, hike up somewhere and be alone and feel like the world is just there, it’s all yours. That's kind of how I fell in love with it.

I've done things, I’ve worked outside before. So it's just how life has pushed me. And I have dreams to one day work for a search and rescue team. So I think this will prepare me for that. And, you know, I can travel. I'm really into travel, it is also a passion. And in this industry, the outdoor industry, there are travel opportunities and opportunities to be a tour guide all over the world. So that's also why I wanted to do this.

PWSC Wow, that is great! It sounds like you are right where you want to be, and we are happy to have you here with us at PWSC.