PWSC students support WISE's Geology Youth Camp as BLM interns

by Vicki Heisser  |   

WISE Geology Youth Camp

Photo credit: Matthew Roman, W.I.S.E.

PWSC students Jeremy Gallman and Alisa Heller have internships with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) this summer. Jeremy is the BLM media intern and Alisa is the lands realty intern. On assignment last month, they both provided support and safety to a dozen teens during Geology Youth Camp. The annual camp is joint-hosted by Wrangell Institute for Science & Environment and the Wrangell Mountain Center in McCarthy. 

BLM Outdoor Youth Leader Amanda Friendshuh said “The Geology Backpacking Trip is an event that gives local students the opportunity to explore the rich geology of the Copper River Basin. During the 2018 event, the backpackers spent time exploring the old historic Kennecott Copper Mine and the process of mining, milling, and exporting the copper. A large part of the trip was also dedicated to the study of the Root Glacier and other geological features of the Basin. Other activities done on the trip included taking core samples from layered cupcakes, observing the movement of tectonic plates using a boiled egg, and exhibiting writing skills during a poetry slam. The purpose of the trip is to help these local students develop an appreciation for the history of the Copper River Basin and the amazing science behind all the geological formations they grew up around. There is so much to learn!”

Jeremy Gallman stated "As a BLM media intern, I was honored with the opportunity to tag along and join participants on the WISE Geology Camp. McCarthy and Kennecott have such rich geological histories and we were able to learn all about it through the good people at the Wrangell Mountain Center, our Minnesotan St. Elias Alpine Guide, David, a wonderful National Park Service tour guide, and the former geologist of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Danny Rosenkrans. It was inspiring to spend time with and capture this aspiring, young group of Alaskans just taking in as much information as their brains could handle about geology. Honestly, the trip was just a perfect balance of education and fun. The fact is that combining all that we did into those four days was only made possible by the wonderful crew at the Wrangell Institute of Science and Environment: Robin, Matt, and Mikaela. Representing the BLM, we (Amanda, Alisa, and I) brought extra tents and sleeping pads for those who needed them. We helped promote a culture of safety and stewardship within the group during outings. And I think our presence as BLM representatives helped facilitate a more professional learning environment for participating youth.” 

Read more about the Geology Youth Camp on the Wrangell Mountain Center's website.