Students hold a food drive

by Chris Huston  |   

PWSC students holding boxes to collect food donations

Students in Teresa Barton's Small Group Communications class are holding a food drive as a part of a class project. The project is based upon Dr. Elizabeth Minei's "Do Good" project. The main aim of the assignment is to work in small groups to develop, create, and/or conduct a project, fundraiser, or service that addresses a need of the community.

Kirsten, Carmella, Jared, and Sergei decided to put on a food drive. Donated items will be given to the Valdez Food Bank. Labeled cardboard boxes are located around the PWSC campus. If you would like to donate, please bring in a un-opened food item and place it in one of the boxes. The students will also be hosting an open mic night at The Fat Mermaid on April 27 from 6-10 p.m.; everyone is invited to attend and will be asked to bring canned food to donate.