Career and Technical Education Tuition Discount

by Chris Huston  |   

Beginning fall of 2018, the University of Alaska will offer a 25 percent tuition discount on selected career and technical education (CTE) courses. For the upcoming fall semester at PWSC, this discount will apply to Millwright I, II, and III, as well as Medical Terminology. Across the UA system the discount will apply to 50 programs and 305 courses. This reduction will be applied on a course-by-course basis.

View a list of all the UA courses and programs that will be discounted.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, PWSC regular cost of tuition is $223 per credit, the cost after the discount will be $167.25 per credit. 

According to UA's The State Wide Voice "The discount is part of the university’s plan to meet its goals to grow enrollment, increase degree completion and meet Alaska’s workforce needs. According to national research, by 2025, 65 percent of Alaska jobs will require some form of post-secondary education. Many of the applicable programs are in high-demand workforce areas such as marine transportation, medical billing, phlebotomy, welding, office management and construction technology.

While UA’s tuition is low compared to peer universities in the western United States, its tuition for CTE programs is high compared to other community college systems. By providing a discount for these courses, UA hopes to enroll Alaskans who want to refresh or learn new skills and those who want to return to college to complete a workforce training program." Read the full article on UA's The Statewide Voice website.