Meet the students: Chad Gibbons

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Choosing Prince William Sound College (PWSC) was easy for Chad Gibbons. Born and raised in Alaska and living in Valdez, he knew the local college was a great fit for him. He loves the area and likes going to a small school. Right now, Gibbons sees his schooling as a time to explore some courses and areas he is interested in. Chad shares, “I am currently taking three classes, a film class, a writing class, and a university studies class. I want to check things out and see how it goes.” 

 It was Chad’s love of the storytelling aspect of video games that initially sparked his interest in taking the film class. Video games can tell stories and that is what Gibbons wants to do through film. “I have been doing a lot of writing and have been thinking about making it into a movie or film.” The other course he’s taking, the university studies class, is one he hopes will broaden his horizons and perhaps help him continue to develop and discover new interests.