Calhoun Gerber interns with the Valdez Adventure Alliance

by Vicki Heisser  |   

In a recent interview with PWSC outdoor leadership student Calhoun Gerber and Valdez Adventure Alliance’s Lanette Oliver, I learned more about Gerber’s internship with the Valdez Adventure Alliance. 

PWSC: Hi, Cal. So tell me, what motivated you to do this internship?

Gerber:  I was excited to get a local job, make connections, and get to know the town [Valdez] better. This was definitely a good choice for that.

PWSC: Please share what it is you are doing and learning. 

Gerber: I am currently maintaining Worthington and Blueberry campsites bathrooms and taking out the garbage. Also odd jobs here and there. In the winter I will be doing more. 

PWSC: How will this benefit you in your degree program at PWSC?

Gerber: It has been good to learn about connections and what all needs to be done for the preparation of festivals and community get-togethers. I have learned a lot about planning and preparing.

Enjoying his internship, and doing well with it, Lanette Oliver explains she was glad to have Gerber apply for the position, and is grateful for all his hard work.

Oliver: Cal contacted me before school started because he had heard about our internship partnership with the PWSC outdoor leadership program. He had a professional resume and cover letter and did well in the phone interview. I was happy to start him as soon as possible. He turned out to be a great fit. He jumped right in working on cutting and hauling firewood; hauling trash; and dealing with reservations and cleaning at Blueberry Lake Campgrounds and Worthington Glacier site through September. He also helped us prepare for the September Bike Bash. In October, just like everywhere in Alaska, there is a huge amount of work to do to close Blueberry Lake and Worthington up for the winter. With his help, we finished all that just in time.  `

PWSC: What are some of the things you and Cal have accomplished/hope to accomplish this fall? 

Oliver: October is the transition month for closing things from summer and opening things for winter. Planning and work for the 2021 Ice Fest literally began right after the 2020 event. Now Riley, Sports Director & Events Coordinator, and I are working on Ice Fest, many hours, every day. Cal will be helping Riley with rope and gear inventory and anything else she needs help with. When he comes back from Christmas break, he will be a vital part of all the work that needs to be done in the last month leading up to Ice Fest, Feb 12-14, 2021.

We have been fortunate to have excellent interns from the PWSC outdoor leadership program. Cal has exhibited great dependability and trustworthiness.