A journey towards better health

by Vicki Heisser  |   

George Keeney is on a personal journey towards better health, and he is doing it with the guidance and support from Erin Hickok, PWSC’s Health and Fitness Coordinator. George’s motivation is his desire to: “be physically fit for next fall’s moose hunt. When we go hunting for moose, we go back 33 miles off the gravel road, with my six-wheeler. It's a long trip and if something happened to me, I don’t like thinking that my son or stepson may have to take care of me. I want and should be able to take care of myself.”

George started his workout program last November and he has seen a lot of improvement. He shares, “I knew it would take a while. Our approach has been to be slow and consistent, with no injuries along the way. I work-out 3 days a week. We have concentrated on improving my balance and building up leg and upper-body strength.” 

Before beginning any fitness program, Erin looks at everything. “When somebody comes and tells me their goals and lets me know what they want to be able to do, I really check in”.  While weight and strength targets are very important, she also examines lifestyle goals. For example, are they able to get up and down off the floor to play with their grandkids? Or are they able to ski like they used to?  Her goal for each individual person is to meet them where they are, not where they “should be”.  Erin shares, “My thought process is less-is-more in the beginning to be able to maintain exercise safely and efficiently.” 

George’s journey is inspiring! To find out more about PWSC’s Health and Fitness programs, visit the Health and Fitness Center's webpages.