PWSC presents the Valdez Theatre Conference

by Jessica Young  |   

The 28th Annual Valdez Theatre Conference will take place June 19-26. Last year presented a limited slate of online activities; this year will include a number of live events, though the participants and scope of work will be limited to provide a safe experience. 71 playwrights have been invited to present their work. Twelve of the authors are Alaskans, including participants from Valdez, Girdwood, Homer, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. California has the largest number of authors from any state, 14. For the first time, they will have the option to participate from their homes. The intention is to go back to mandatory attendance in 2022. There is only one evening show planned for this year. TBA Theatre will produce Sonny Midnight’s If, a script that was created in Valdez by the Feral Writers Group. The play is the story of a young girl who is battling depression by embracing her imagination, going on a magical journey that helps her find peace in the perceived chaos of her life. The play will be performed June 24 & 25, free of charge. This theatre conference is coordinated and hosted by Prince William Sound College, private donors (including the City of Valdez) help fund the conference. More information on the conference can be found on the Valdez Theatre Conference website: