Gear Loan & Ski for Free

Borrow gear from the college for FREE! Just remember to bring your photo ID when you come to collect the gear you'd like to borrow.

Gear Available Year-Round:

  • GPS Devices
  • Gaiters
  • Headlamps
  • Trekking Poles

Gear Available For Winter Activities (Ski For Free):

  • Skate Skis
  • Classic Skis
  • Ski Boots
  • Ski Poles
  • Snowshoes

Checking out gear through Ski for Free is easy! Just bring in photo identification and an idea of what you would like to check out. The Health & Fitness Center Staff will make sure you fill out the appropriate paperwork and get the sizes of equipment you need. Then you’ll be off to enjoy Valdez’s many outdoor recreation possibilities!

All gear is free of charge for the first two days and is due by closing on the second day. Each additional day will incur a rental fee of $5/day. Telephone extensions of the free loan period are not allowed. If the Health & Fitness Center is closed for a holiday on the regular due date, the loan is extended and the equipment is due no later than closing on the next business day.

Please note: Borrowers who fail to return equipment, or who return damaged equipment, will incur a fee of up to $400.00 to cover replacement of lost/damaged items. Borrowers with fees assessed against them are ineligible to borrow additional equipment until all fines are paid.

Gear Packages


1 pair skis, 1 ski strap, 1 pair boots, 1 pair poles, 1 pair gaiters, 1 headlamp


1 pair snowshoes, 1 pair poles, 1 pair gaiters, 1 headlamp


1 GPS unit, 1 pair gaiters, 1 headlamp

Rental Rates

Ski Rental Rates
Package Rates
Part or all of a ski 5$/day after free loan period
Part or all of a snowshoe 5$/day after free loan period
Part or all of a GPS 5$/day after free loan period
Gear Rental Periods
Equipment Borrowed Free until:
Anytime Monday 8:45 pm on Wednesday
Anytime Tuesday 8:45 pm on Thursday
Anytime Wednesday 8:45 pm on Friday
Anytime Thursday 8:45 pm on Saturday
Anytime Friday 8:45 pm on Sunday
Anytime Saturday 8:45 pm on Monday
Anytime Sunday 8:45 pm on Tuesday