Special Interest and Group Fitness Classes

Special Interest Classes

Health and Wellness are more than just exercise. The Health & Fitness Center hosts Special Interest classes on topics related to nutrition, mental health, self-care and outdoor-related activities. For details on upcoming events and classes, see the Special Interest Classes and Events Calendar on the home page.


Group Fitness Classes

The program enrolls you in a group of drop-in style classes that are offered daily. Classes are designed so you may attend once, intermittently, or for every session that is offered. You choose your level of participation. Classes can be modified for all fitness levels. Group Fitness Classes are not just for PWSC Students. Community members are welcome with Program enrollment.


Beginning Yoga with Leigh Lubin:

Introduces yoga physical exercises, breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques as an approach to wellness. 

Credit and non-credit classes available.

Bodies in Tune with Donna Lane:

A strength training and toning class for all ages!  This class involves weight bearing and core strengthening exercises. Bands, steps, stability balls, and weights are all incorporated into the exercises to make them appropriate for all ability levels. Monday's focus is lower body, Wednesday is upper body and Friday is "Gut & Butt."

Bosu/Cardio/Sculpt with Amber Melhberg:

Utilizing BOSU (Both Sides Up) equipment, moves from these classes will add balance and stabilization to any fitness routine. BOSU Cardio emphasizes movement and control, BOSU Sculpt focuses on strength and toning, and BOSU Core Cardio hones in on the abdominal and back.

Fitness for Life with Judy Prevost:

Gentle exercise for all stages of life. Designed for those desiring to improve their body’s function and strength. Gentle movements incorporating self-resistance, exercise bands, breath control, and stretching are used to provide a whole body fitness routine to help improve daily functionality and strength. Exercises can be modified to the fitness level of the individual, including exercising in a seated position.

This class is sponsored by United Way of Valdez and SWAN. No gym enrollment is required. FREE to everyone.

Longevity Stick with Donna Lane:

This exercise regimen incorporates a series of 12 move­ments designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, focus, breathing capacity and vitality. Class combines longevity stick exercises with rhythmic breathing to help promote better health and physical movement capabilities.

Spin with Sarah JO & Chloe Whallon:

A mix of endurance, interval, and strength rides are incorporated to help you push your fitness to the next level. Have no fear-you choose the difficulty level and resistance. Burn 600-1000 calories in a one-hour class!

Tabata Bootcamp with Sarah JO:

An 8-week comprehensive fitness program designed to help participants gain strength, lose weight, increase agility, & meet their fitness goals. Online support, nutrition, accountability, & more. 

Credit and non-credit classes available. 

Yin-Yang Yoga with Mel Koontz:

A quieter practice consisting of poses being held for 3-5 minutes. The focus is on the opening of the connective tissue of the eight key joints, thus rejuvenating and distributing Chi (energy) throughout the body. Most of yin and yang is done seated or laying down on the yoga mat.

Zumba with Heidi Franke:

Mixes low and high intensity moves for an ivterval-style, calorie- burning dance fitness party! Get your cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility, boosted energy and serious dose of awesome each time you join. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise!

Full Throttle Circuit Training with Ryan Belnap:

Alternate through cardio and strength training exercises designed to tone your body, and power your core. Class uses free weights, machines, and body weight exercises in a circuit style rotation. Ideal for athletic training and muscle development.

Beginning to Weight Lifting with Amber Melhberg:

And 8 week course on how to warm up prior to weight lifting, proper techniques for safe lifting and how to utilize weightlifting equipment. Develop an understanding of basic nutrition to support weightlifting.

Kettlebell Power Circuit with Amber Melhberg:

A dynamic class full of explosive, core based exercises to build muscle and rev up your metabolism and maximize your potential! Can be modified for all fitness levels.

Intermediate Yoga with Leigh Lubin:

Presents intermediate level yoga physical execises, breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques, meditation, and relaxation exercises. Credit and non-credit.

Turbo Kick with Sarah JO:

Turbo Kick® - the fat-blasting, ab-defining cardio workout that is sweeping the nations health clubs and allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! A mix of kickboxing and simple dance grooves set to heart pounding dance music that will have you looking forward to your next workout!

PIYO with Sarah JO:

PiYo®- "Want to carve an intensely defined physique—without weights, without jumps, and without straining your joints? Then you'll love PiYo, created by Super Trainer Chalene Johnson. It's low-impact yet high-intensity. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results."

Strength in Motion with Judy Prevost:

An upbeat, full-body workout designed to increase muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness while improving balance and flexibility.  This class combines aerobic conditioning, mat work, strength training, and stretching. Exercise equipment includes balance balls strength bands, and weights that  will be used to customize the workouts. All fitness levels welcome.