Employee Spotlight: Mo Radotich

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Catching up with Mo Radotich is not easy. As the Assistant to the Director of Administrative Services at PWSC and President of the Valdez Arts Council, she is always on the go. We recently had the opportunity to talk with her and learn more about her and her community involvement. 

Mo and her husband moved to Valdez in 1989.  They built a log home, raised sled dogs, and had two sons, who are currently attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks. With her two sons at college, Mo has more time to devote to the Valdez community. “I love to be involved and help out in this community. I'm a board member for Valdez Arts Council and SWAN-Sound Wellness Alliance Network and enjoy the wonderful trails of Valdez in the summer and winter!” 

Mo’s excitement around her community involvement is palpable, and as she prepares for an upcoming Arts Council trip, one can feel her enthusiasm.

“As President of the Valdez Arts Council, I'm attending the Arts Northwest Conference in Boise, Idaho.  This is an annual conference the Alaska Presenters from across Alaska (and the Northwest) attend to collaborate together to bring performers on tour in Alaska.  About 40 performers will have about 10 minutes to let us see what they do. Then we get together and vote on who we would like to come to Alaska.  By networking together, we make it more affordable for all and more enticing for performers.  The talent is unbelievable, world-class entertainment, and I want to bring all the acts to Valdez, but we can't take everybody, so we have to whittle it down to 5-8 performers.”

Mo started volunteering with the Arts Council in 2008. She got involved after her children participated in an Arts Council Children’s Theatre program in 2007. Her children learned public speaking and performing and had a new found appreciation for the arts. An experience which Mo notes: “was an overall benefit to their quality of life.”  

Mo loves her work with the Arts Council. “The Valdez Arts Council is a group of 8 incredibly dedicated volunteers who do all sorts of behind the scenes pieces and parts to create a season of entertainment for Valdez.  These co-volunteers and the wonderful performers we bring to town inspire me!”

If you are interested in seeing performances or would like more information on the Valdez Arts Council’s membership program, go to: https://valdezartscouncil.weebly.com/membership.html