Mission, Purpose, & Tenets

Mission Statement

As a central function of the Student Affairs Office, Student Conduct promotes a safe campus environment by educating students about their freedoms, rights, and responsibilities. Student Conduct engages students in a developmental process to help them understand the impact of their behavior on themselves and the UAA community.


The purpose of Student Conduct is to ensure that all students have the same opportunity to learn in a safe environment free from disruption. Student Conduct addresses student behavior to help students learn ethical decision-making skills. Student Conduct educates students about alcohol, drugs, personal wellness, and safety to encourage them to make good choices that will positively influence their well-being and academic success.


In shaping the nature of the student disciplinary process, Student Conduct strives:

  • To regard each student as an individual, deserving individual attention, consideration, and respect
  • To consider the facts fully and carefully before resolving any case
  • To speak candidly and honestly to each student
  • To hold each student to a high standard of behavior, both to protect the campus community, and to promote student moral development
  • To recognize the reality of human fallibility, as well as the stresses associated with collegiate life, and to demonstrate compassion, understanding, and a sense of humor
  • To contribute to the educational mission of the University by designating policies, conducting programs, and offering instruction that contributes to the positive development of the entire student body