Registration at PWSC

Register for Classes at PWSC

Are you ready to register for classes at Prince William Sound College? Follow the steps below to get started. The following steps apply to all students.

Registration Steps:

  1. Clear outstanding balances/debts/fines with PWSC.
  2. Check the Academic Calendar for registration dates.
  3. Register though UAOnline, or visit a PWSC location during walk-in registration and fill out the registration forms.
  4. Pay for tuition and fees at UAOnline by payment deadline, take advantage of the Payment Plan, or pay at a PWSC location by payment deadline (listed on the Academic Calendar).
  5. Purchase textbooks (all books are available through PWSC's online bookstore).
  6. Review the UAA Catalog and for updates to policies and procedures, student code of conduct, rights and responsibilities, and important dates and deadlines.


Additional Registration Steps for Non-Degree Seeking and Continuing Degree Seeking Students:

In addition to the above requirements if you are a non-degree seeking or continuing degree seeking student, you must fulfill these additional requirements.

  • Non-degree seeking students are students who are taking classes with out working toward the completion of a degree.
  • Continuing degree seeking students are students who have taken time off (one year or less) from their studies toward completing a degree.
  • Non-Degree Seeking Students
    1. Must meet all requirements for admission and be admitted as a non-degree seeking student.
    2. Make sure all student records are updated reflecting any changes (name, marital status, address, SSN).
  • Continuing Degree Seeking Students
    1. Meet with an academic advisor and review your educational plan for the most efficient planning of course sequencing.
    2. Make sure all student records are updated reflecting any changes, such as: name, marital status, address, SSN, degree/certificate program.
    3. If receiving financial aid, obtain a registration form at the PWSC location where you are attending classes, or through UAOnline.

Additional Registration Steps and Information for High School Students and Senior Citizens:

  • High School Students
    1. Students are responsible for any remaining fees and the cost of textbooks.
    2. Students must fill out the PWSC location specific high school student concurrent enrollment forms.
    3. The waiver must have ALL signatures, including those from the high school counselor, the student, and the legal guardian (if under 18).
    4. Student must have ACCUPLACER®, SAT/ACT and ALEKS® placement scores.
    5. Consult the Academic Calendar for registration dates.
    6. Online registration is not available.
  • Senior Citizens

    Tuition Waivers for Senior Citizens

    Regular tuition shall be waived for Alaska residents who are 66 years of age prior to the beginning (first day of class) of the semester they are registering for, and who register on a space available basis; that is, when courses can accommodate such students in addition to other enrolled students.

    Click here for the Tuition Waiver Request For Senior Citizens Form. This form must be presented in person, along with a registration form, and proof of age at the time of registration.

    Use of senior citizen waivers is governed accordingly:

    1. Senior citizens must pay all additional course fees.
    2. To waive tuition, senior citizens must register and present a completed tuition waiver with proof of age during the late registration period.
    3. Registration using a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver for payment is permitted only during late registration and must be completed by the add deadline.
    4. Senior citizens may elect to register before the first day of class; however, they must pay full tuition and fees (use of the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver will not be accepted).
    5. Senior citizens electing to register and pay tuition are subject to all payment deadlines.
    6. Refunds will NOT be available to senior citizens who drop courses and then re-register in the same courses using a tuition waiver during late registration.

Information on Registration Guidelines, Transcripts, and Graduation Policies