Building Access, Safety, and Maintenance

Most Prince William Sound College (PWSC) campus educational buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the community, guests, and visitors. During the academic year, normal business hours are Monday through Friday, while limited or no hours are maintained on Saturday and Sunday. During semester breaks, hours of access may be greatly reduced. During summer breaks and semester breaks, the College often undertakes maintenance and renewal projects that might interfere with building and parking access. For College-observed holidays, most buildings are closed to all but employees.

PWSC Maintenance personnel maintain security of all campus buildings. Maintenance staff members lock and unlock buildings as scheduled by the Instruction Department and the Facilities Office. During weekdays, Maintenance personnel unlock buildings starting at 7:00 am and lock them after the last scheduled class has ended for the evening. Request for access to buildings after hours or on weekends is coordinated by an administrator or the Facilities Maintenance staff on a case-by-case basis. Valdez Police frequently patrol the PWSC campus.

The maintenance staff responds to all requests for repairs. If you need to have College property repaired, please call Facilities Maintenance at 834-1636. The Campus Safety Committee meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters to review concerns about safety on campus. Maintenance staff monitor campus facilities and address safety concerns as they arise. Safety concerns may also be directed to Facilities Maintenance. For example, it would be appropriate to call Maintenance to report concerns about icy sidewalks. Members of the campus community at large are encouraged to communicate safety concerns as they are identified. Safety is everyone’s business.