Apply Now and Degree One Sheets

Apply-now-first-time (9.6 MiB)

Apply-now-transfer (9.6 MiB)

Associate of Arts One Sheet (6.2 MiB)

Industrial Technology One Sheet (5.6 MiB)

Millwright One Sheet (3.3 MiB)

Outdoor Leadership One Sheet (6.0 MiB)

ECommerce One Sheet (3.0 MiB)

Office of Administrative Services Public Use Forms
Tuition Waiver
Third Party Billing

Third-Party-Billing-Authorization (286.1 KiB)

Promissory Note

Promissory-Note (89.4 KiB)

Office of Administrative Services Internal Use Forms
Banner DSD Student Info Access

BannerDSD-Student-Info-Access (59.6 KiB)

Banner Finance/HR Training
Banner Student Records Access Permissions
Employee Reimbursement Request

Employee-reimbursement (30.8 KiB)

Key Request

Key-Request-Form (314.1 KiB)

Leave Authorization

Leave-Overtime-Authorization-Forms- (10) (1) (663.9 KiB)

Mileage Report

Mileage-report1 (14.1 KiB)


Receiving-form (10.2 KiB)

Rep Non-Rep

Rep-Allowance-Form-Rev-Mar-2016 (263.1 KiB)

University of Alaska HR Forms
PWSC ProCard Purchasing Process

PWSC ProCard Purchasing Process (54.3 KiB)

ProCard PO Change Order Form

ProCard PO Change Order Form 052016 (127.6 KiB)

Concurrent Enrollment
Secondary Student Packet

Secondary Student Enrollment Packet (2.5 MiB)

Facility Management
Facilities Maintenance & Campus Services Request For more information visit the Facilities Maintenance & Campus Services Department page.

Housing Application (458.4 KiB)

PWSC Housing Agreement (405.3 KiB)

Placement Profile (358.4 KiB)

Immunization Form (144.4 KiB)

Media Release Forms

PWSC-Media-Release (366.1 KiB)

PWSC Group Media Release (397.9 KiB)


Add Drop-paper-form-updated-1 (235.4 KiB)

Application for Graduation

Graduation Application PWSC (581.1 KiB)

Change of Major

Change-of-Major-Undergraduate (131.0 KiB)

Credit by Certification

Credit-by-Certification (48.2 KiB)

Grade Change (online)

Change-of-Grade-Form (320.2 KiB)

Incomplete Course ContractIncomplete Course Contract
Petition for a Refund

Petition-for-Refund-16 (563.5 KiB)

Registration Form

Registration-Form-Dec-2016 (430.4 KiB)

Request for Change

Request-for-change (305.7 KiB)

Request for Late Add or Retroactive Withdrawal

Request-for-Late-Add-or-Retroactive-Withdrawal (281.5 KiB)

Student Information Release

Authorization To Release Records (152.5 KiB)

Transcript Request

Transcript-request-2 (260.9 KiB)

Late Admission Agreement

Late Admission Agreement (266.6 KiB)

ScholarshipEmployee Education Benefits
Testing Services
Travel Forms
Pre-Trip Information Sheet

Pre Trip Information Sheet (144.0 KiB)

Post-Trip Information

Post Trip Information Sheet (177.4 KiB)

Student Travel

UAA-Student-Travel-Forms (161.9 KiB)

TEM Set-Up Instructions

TEM Set Up Instructions (305.2 KiB)

Travel Freeze Process

Travel Freeze Process (405.2 KiB)

Export License Exemption Form 2016

Export License Exemption Form 2016 04 (287.4 KiB)

Export License Exemption Certification Form FAQ

Export License Exemption Certification Form FAQ 0516 (272.4 KiB)


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