PWSC Archery Club Outdoor Shoot

The PWSC Archery Club is a student governed recreational organization that is affiliated with the PWSC Student Government, USA Archery, and the National Field Archery Association. The Archery Club provides leadership opportunities for students with an interest in archery and who desire a more influential role in governance. The Club also needs volunteers to help continue growing archery at PWSC and in Alaska, so if you would like to be involved, contact one of the Club officers or attend the next Club meeting.

Submit Your Proposal

We want to hear from you! Submitting proposals to be considered by the Club is a positive means of growing our organization, promoting new ideas, and providing a voice for all members regarding the direction of archery in our community.

To submit a proposal a member must:

  1. Be a member in good standing
  2. Outline the proposed action
  3. State the rational
  4. Provide any relevant information, history, or precedence
  5. Sign the proposal and send it to the club president

The Club President will review the proposal and place it on the next scheduled meeting agenda for consideration. The board may take action on the proposal during the meeting or table the proposal pending any of the following: ask for additional information, seek expert advice, seek public feedback, assign to a special committee, and/or vote to approve/disapprove.