Student Health & Well-Being

Student running on the treadmill at the PWSC Health and Fitness Center in Valdez, Alaska

A successful student maintains his/her personal health and strives to achieve a state of wellness: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. College can be a very stressful time for many people, full of transition, deadlines, social adjustment, and pressure to succeed.

Student Health

PWSC Health & Fitness Center

PWSC Students receive a special rate for PWSC Health and Fitness Center programs, and are eligible to utilize the ‘Ski for Free Program’. Please visit the Health & Fitness Center for more details.

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Health Insurance

Effective 8/14/15, UAA/PWSC will no longer be sponsoring a student health insurance plan except for international students. For more information on obtaining a separate policy visit UAA’s insurance webpage by clicking here.

Community Health Resources

As a small institution, PWSC does not employ certified clinicians on any of its campuses. However, Student Affairs staff on all three campuses can provide general guidance, conflict mediation services, and simply provide a listening ear. More serious physical or mental health needs can be referred to our community clinical partners and service providers, who we maintain close working relationships with. On the Valdez Campus, students can seek moderate levels of behavioral health assistance, education, and guidance. Informational events regarding student health and wellness are provided periodically on campus, and students are encouraged to approach the Director of Student Affairs with suggestions for pertinent wellness education needs and ideas. Peer education may also be available in person on the Valdez Campus or over the phone to Cordova or Copper Basin Campus students. Public health services are available to students on a sliding pay scale determined by income level. Mental health and counseling services are included in these services.

Valdez Public Health: 907-835-4612

Providence Medical Center: 907-835-2249

 Providence Medical Center provides a full care facility for scheduled appointments or in the walk-in clinic.

There are a variety of services located in the Copper Basin and Cordova regions. Students can contact the Copper Basin Extension Center at 907-822-3673, or the Cordova Extension Center at 907-424-7598 for assistance.

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