PWSC Budget Update

by Chris Huston  |   

The University of Alaska is currently dealing with challenges due to the governor’s budget. There have been multiple conflicting reports about how this will affect Prince William Sound College. There are still many unknowns, but here are some important clarifications.

  1. The Nursing program at PWSC will be continuing, expecting five new graduates in December.
  2. PWSC classes (Dual Credit, Outdoor Leadership, Millwright, AA, etc.) begin August 26.
  3. The college is currently open full-time to help with academic advising, financial aid, and whatever else students need to advance their education.
  4. Other services provided by the college (passport processing, Health & Fitness Center, space rental, and the Whitney Museum) are all available as usual.
  5. There is no plan to close the Valdez campus.

While the future has much uncertainty, Prince William Sound College isn’t going anywhere. We will be here, serving the needs of our students and our community.

For additional information and to stay apprised of the budget’s status, visit the University of Alaska FY2020 Operating Budget webpage.