Meet the students Monday: Sophia Palomar

by Vicki Heisser  |   

During finals week at PWSC, Sophia Palomar, like many dual-credit high school seniors, was feeling the pressure of getting every assignment done and turned in on time. However, Sophia learned the importance of time management and was ready to complete her course for the semester. 

Sophia shared, “One of the most valuable skills I have learned during my college experience is how to manage my time. Learning time management is so important. I know from experience I can’t just slack off and push everything to the last minute because then it gets really hard.” 

Sophia is really looking forward to the classes she is going to take this spring. “I really feel the value of the education I am getting. I feel like the classes I am taking are preparing me for my future.” This spring, Sophia is taking Writing 111, Math 151, Economics (online), and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She is looking forward to her CNA course in particular.

“I am interested in being a nurse and I feel like if I take the CNA program it would help me see if that's something that I'd really like to go into. It would help me decide if I want to pursue a career in the medical field. It would be a good step, to see if that is what I want to do. My dad is a CNA at Providence Hospital and is working in long-term care.  He took the program at PWSC, too. My dad told me that if I really want to be CNA, I will have to really want to do it because it is not an easy job. It is not like working at an ice cream shop (my usual summer job.) Working as a CNA takes a lot of patience, you have to be a caring person, and you have to want to help people.”

In addition to all of her classes, Sophia will be participating in an internship at Seed Media where she gets to pursue a hobby of hers. “Photography is a hobby I really enjoy. I have a beginners DSL camera and have been taking my friends senior pictures the past 2 years. I was sharing my photos with Mrs. Tapp, a youth pastor at my church, and she encouraged me to speak to her husband, also a youth pastor, and an owner at Seed Media. It was cool because I had never thought about it until she said it. It worked out and I will start next year. I am excited about this opportunity because it will really provide more insight into photography and videography.”  

As she prepares to graduate high school, and pursue the CNA certification and her passion for photography, Sophia has more plans for her future. “I'm planning to go to school again and I don't want to take a gap year or anything. I just want to go straight to school. I think I might be going to Northwestern University. It's in the small town of Kirkland, Washington. While I definitely want to see where CNA takes me, my plans are to get my business and management degree, and to get my youth ministries degree.”