Sara Bauman

by Vicki Heisser  |   

As a dual credit student, high school senior Sara Bauman is really enjoying her classes at Valdez High School and PWSC this semester. Sara shares, "At the high school I am taking Yearbook, Choir, Government and Economics and college Math 105, and at PWSC, I am taking Writing A111, Writing across Contexts.” This isn’t Bauman’s first experience with college courses as a high school student. During her sophomore year, she took the Millwright level one course through PWSC.

Bauman is enjoying her semester at PWSC so far. Talking about her writing class, she shares, “I like it. It's not too complicated. It's a really great class for getting into college and testing the waters and seeing what it's like.” Sara likes that she can fit college courses into her schedule, allowing her to complete some general education courses before entering college.

After high school, Bauman wants to attend “college for two years for construction and two years for interior design.” Bauman also has other interests. Ever since the sixth grade, she has been part of the Valdez Rifle Club. If possible, she would even like to get a rifle scholarship for college.

As she prepares to finish high school and start the next chapter in her life, she has a little advice for other students. “Planners are always nice. Even If you don't look at it, write it down, just get it out of your head so it's on a piece of paper.”

Bauman likes to write things down, and not just in her planner. She keeps little sticky notes in her locker to help keep her motivated. One of those sticky notes is a favorite quote of hers – “You’ve got this.”  

Given her dedication to her education, Bauman has clearly taken this idea to heart.