Jay Stevens

by Vicki Heisser  |   

Jay Stevens was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and “lived just across the bridge” in Bossier City for the first few years of his life. While Stevens and his mom were in Louisiana, his father was in Alaska. Jay explains, “My father worked (still does) at the marine terminal here in Valdez for several years while my mother and I stayed in the lower 48. We finally moved when I was starting 1st grade, and I have lived here, for the most part, ever since.”

Having lived here in Alaska most of his life, Jay has spent the last five years working at PWSC. “I work as an administrative assistant, supporting all faculty in the delivery of their courses. That includes officially preparing, signing, and entering their job assignments, listing their textbooks, helping with any deliverables or materials they or students need for the course, etc. I also facilitate the delivery of exams offered by Pearson VUE, focusing mainly on the GED exam, but also NREMT, computer, and teaching certifications.”

When Stevens isn’t working at the college, one of his passions and favorite hobbies is theatre, something he’s enjoyed for many years. While a sophomore at Valdez High School, he got involved in local theatre outside of school when Dawson Moore (PWSC employee and director of the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference) approached him about doing theatre. 

“I was recruited by Dawson Moore…to get involved in community theatre productions aside from the plays put on by the school. Since then, I’ve acted in many plays for the college, including some performances and assisting with productions around the state. In addition to my main job, my first real job for PWSC was working as Dawson’s assistant for the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference, which I continue to work to assist with. A year ago I directed my first play, Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman, for the college.”

While theatre plays a key role in Jay’s life, he finds time for other things as well. “Other than acting and theatre, my hobbies include sport fishing, computers, and, most recently with the need to stay home and social distance, developing online community events and fostering long-distance community interaction as more and more people turn to streaming to show off their content.”

As we end our conversation, Jay shares a few words about work and life: “The main thing that I find that has been a very positive thing in many situations, is looking at everything from as many sides as you can. Be open to what another perspective is on any situation.”