Welcome, Fallon!

by Chris Huston  |   

Introducing the new administrative assistant and Alaska Adult Education instructor for the Copper Basin Extension Site, Fallon Dale!

Fallon and her family have lived in the Copper River area since 2015. She and her husband moved from Kansas, where she was working as a preschool teacher after graduating from Emporia State University. She has worked as a first-grade teacher in Glennallen for the last 6 years. After the birth of her first child, she decided she wanted to make a change in career paths to allow being a full-time parent while continuing to work in education (her first passion). Fallon is an enthusiastic educator and would like to eventually work towards a master's degree in either curriculum and instruction or early childhood education. She also has a background in graphic design and journalism. During her free time, Fallon enjoys reading books, watching movies, creating art, playing with her little boy, and sampling global cuisine!
For any GED, Alaska Adult Eduction, or general education needs (in the Glennallen area), Fallon can be reached by email at fndale@alaska.edu or by phone at 907-822-3673 ext. 23, or just stop by the PWSC-Copper Basin office!