Construction Classes

by Vicki Heisser  |   

PWSC’s Construction Academy courses hold appeal for many, allowing students to learn the hands-on skills needed to successfully complete projects or build a knowledge base that will help them professionally. We spoke with current student, Linda Lee, about her experience with the Construction Academy.

Currently Lee is taking the Handyman Framing course, a class that, as she says, appealed to the do-it-yourselfin me.
Having already taken Drywall Installation and Finish and Repair courses, Linda wanted to continue to build on her new-found knowledge and be able to apply it.

I dont have any framing experience, but this course was a perfect way to begin. There are some home, framing-related repair projects that have been lingering...I would also like to frame out end walls for a high tunnel greenhouse and make some raised garden beds. The course offered hands-on instruction in building a shed, installing a door & window. All my to doprojects were covered in the class to the extent that Im confident in completing my projects.

After taking this and other Construction Academy courses, Linda notes the appeal of such courses. The series of construction courses offered by PWSC help people like myself, a do-it- yourselfer, or someone who aspires to become a state licensed Handyman Contractor”. For more information on how you can become a part of PWSCs Construction Academy, or to learn more about selected courses, contact us at 834-1600.