Open House at the CBEC

Open House at the CBEC

On January 11, 2019, Prince William Sound College’s Copper Basin Extension Center (CBEC) hosted their annual Open House and Community Dinner as a part of the events associated with the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race. The event was well attended with about 175 guests from seven different countries. There were also 7 different states represented. The event provided a great opportunity for local community members to meet mushers from around the world as well as meet PWSC faculty and administrators from both the Copper Basin and Valdez. A highlight of the evening was a presentation by CB 300 musher Sven Haltmann. He spoke about his experiences as a musher and answered many questions. He brought with him one of his sled dogs, Trouble, who patiently was loved on by adoring young fans.

Everyone enjoyed homemade refreshments including beef stew by Dr. Vickie and the staff of Glennallen Chiropractic, spaghetti and quiches prepared by the CBEC staff, a magnificent cake decorated by Karolina Brewster, and cupcakes decorated by Mia Bobowski and Bella and Mia Ranck. Thank you to Copper River School District and Upstream Learning for providing space for the event and help during preparations. Additional thanks to Robin Mayo and Felicia Riedel from WISE who made some awesome brownies and helped at the registration table.

The CBEC has some great professional development and personal enrichment classes scheduled for the spring semester. Currently meeting are two full classes (one in Glennallen and one in Kenny Lake) on Fur Sewing taught by Robin Mayo. Coming in February is a Writing Memoir course taught by Mary Odden. In addition, a Flagger Training class and Gardening Symposium will be happening later in the semester. The campus also offers ongoing classes in GED preparation and College Readiness. For additional information on any of these classes please call Katie Bobowski or Karolina Brewster at 907-822-3673.

Online classes through the Valdez campus are still available, too. Classes began January 14 and the last day to add a class is January 25. Support for distance courses, including registration, financial aid, and test proctoring is available at the Copper Basin Extension Center.


Open House Volunteers:

Dan O’Connor (PWSC-Valdez)

Steve Johnson (PWSC-Valdez)

Dennis Ragsdale (PWSC Valdez)

Teresa Barton (PWSC Valdez)

Dr. Vickie (Glennallen Chiropractic)

Robin Mayo (WISE)

Felicia Riedel (WISE)