Copper Basin Extension Site Coordinator Katie Bobowski Read More

Employee Spotlight: Katie Bobowski

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Katie Bobowski is the coordinator of the Copper Basin Extension Center. She does a lot for the Center, but one key role that she plays is to coordinate community outreach and education for the college in the Copper Basin area.

Andrew Bradley practices CPR Read More

Meet the students Monday: Andrew Bradley

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Andrew Bradley is a senior at the Valdez High School and a dual-credit student at PWSC. Andrew has lived in many places: Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Kodiak, and even Japan. Out of all of the places he has lived Valdez is his favorite!

PWSC dual-credit student Sophia Palomar Read More

Meet the students Monday: Sophia Palomar

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Sophia has been taking dual-credit courses at PWSC. She is planning on completing the Certified Nurse Assistant course this spring and has an internship with Seed Media. She is considering going into nursing and is exploring her love of photography.

Northern lights over Valdez, Alaska Read More

Winter Closure Hours

 |  Chris Huston  | 

PWSC will be closed Tuesday, December 24-Wednesday, January 1 for the university-wide winter break. Additionally, some services surrounding those dates will be limited.

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Apply to PWSC for FREE

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Apply now and use the waiver code FREEPWSC to save yourself the $40 application fee!

Sara Bauman Read More

Sara Bauman

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

As a dual credit student, high school senior Sara Bauman is really enjoying her classes at Valdez High School and PWSC this semester.

Megan Chase, Prince William Sound College millwright student Read More

Meet the students Monday: Megan Chase

 |  Jessica Young and Vicki Heisser  | 

Megan Chase enrolled in the millwright program because she is interested in learning a hands-on trade and it worked with her schedule and timeline.

Beth Swaby, Alaska Tech Learners student Read More

Alaska Tech Learners student Beth Swaby

 |  Vicki Heissier  | 

Beth Swaby is a teacher enrolled in the Alaska Tech Learners program, an online program designed to teach high-school teachers coursework within the field of e-commerce.

Cecil Hawley Read More

Cecil Hawley

 |  Jessica Young  | 

Cecil Hawley grew up in Kivalina, a village in Northwest Alaska. He moved to Valdez to attend PWSC and he is a student in the millwright program.

PWSC student Chad Gibbons Read More

Meet the students: Chad Gibbons

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Choosing Prince William Sound College (PWSC) was easy for Chad Gibbons. Born and raised in Alaska and living in Valdez, he knew the local college was a great fit for him.