Emily Humphrey in front of the Crooked Creek Information Site Read More

PWSC and the Crooked Creek Information Site partner to provide internship to student

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Emily Humphrey is a recent graduate of PWSC. This summer she is participating in an internship at the Crooked Creek Information Site.

Kelly Brown Read More

Interview with Kelly Brown

 |  Shannon Stites and Jessica Young  | 

After Kelly Brown graduated high school in 1992, she thought that she would never want to go back to school. Years later she found herself juggling full-time work and family duties while taking college classes to pursue a degree at PWSC. Though it took her longer to complete a degree, she finally did it! In an interview, she said "Do not let the thought of going back to school overwhelm you. You can take your time. You do not have to finish your degree in two years. Do what is right for you!"

Photo of the toy hauler/tiny home, called the "Game Chaser" at Prince William Sound College in Valdez, Alaska. Read More

Game Chaser for Sale

 |  PWSC Business Office  | 

Prince William Sound College is offering a sale by bid of a “Game Chaser” 2018 Big Bubba 8X24 deck over, 14K trailer with 8X12 cabin built by students in the PWSC Construction Academy Program.

Jared Bowden Read More

Jared Bowden

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Jared Bowden grew up in Valdez. As a UA Scholar, he was awarded a $12,000 scholarship that he is using towards the cost of his education. The UA Scholar Award is given to students designated in the top 10% of their Alaska high school class at the end of their junior year. Jared decided PWSC was the best choice for him, stating, “…I'm looking at the financial aspects of it. I feel this was a good choice because I didn't really know what degree I wanted to get right out of high school. And I feel it was a good choice to go to a smaller school to get an idea of how college worked, without instantly dealing with a lot of financial pressure…”

PWSC student Demetri Kyles Read More

Meet the Students Monday: Demetri Kyles

 |  Jessica Young  | 

Demetri Kyles is happy to finally be back in Valdez, Alaska, and to be attending PWSC! He hopes to eventually be a journeyman for Alyeska and is working toward that goal. Demetri grew up in foster care and with different family members so he found himself moving a lot when he was younger. After living in Valdez, years ago, he had always dreamt of coming back.

Noel Bowe at an E-Commerce for Teachers event Read More

E-Commerce for Teachers student Noel Bowe

 |  Vicki Heisser and Jessica Young  | 

PWSC recently had 22 teachers from across the state attend the E-Commerce for Teachers program at PWSC. Teachers who attended the program learned technical computing skills that included basic web page programming. We interview one of the program's participants Noel Bowe.

PWSC tuition winner Danny Tapp Read More

Danny Tapp - PWSC Tuition Winner

 |  Chris Huston  | 

Congratulations to Danny Tapp who recently won tuition for one year to attend PWSC.

NCCER for Teachers student, Rex, working in the shop. Read More

Interview with Rex

 |  Vicki Heisser  | 

Rex is an Alaskan teacher who attended the NCCER for Teachers program this month. Learn more about Rex and what he got out of the program.

Prince William Sound College and UAA nursing student Kristy Crump Read More

Interview with nursing student Kristy Crump

 |  Jessica Young  | 

Kristy Crump is a nursing student at PWSC. She grew up in Valdez, Alaska, and has been commercial fishing for the past 12 years. During a recent interview, Kristy said that fishing has given her “tough skin” which will help her as a nurse. Her experience as a certified nurse aide has also helped prepare her for her future career. Kristy chose PWSC because of the low tuition rates and it’s in her hometown.

PWSC Student Affairs team at the Valdez campus Read More

Now is a great time to earn a degree!

 |  Chris Huston  | 

It's never too late to go to college. If you're thinking of starting or continuing your college education, now is a great time to earn a degree or certificate.


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