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The Office of Administrative Services strives to keep students, faculty and staff at the forefront of safety at PWSC.


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Physical Address: 303 Lowe St. Valdez, AK 99686

O.A.S. Risk Management Staff

Steve Shiell, Director of Administrative Services at PWSC

Steve Shiell
Director of Administrative Services

The University of Alaska is self-insured and has adopted the concept of Collaborative Risk Management. This means PWSC students, staff, faculty and administration will work together as well as with subject matter experts to evaluate the risk of activities they plan to engage in well before they take place. The goal is to provide a defensive shield for students and the University and sustain legal and regulatory compliance as well as prudent risk management and business practices.

things to consider if you are planning an activity:

What if my activity includes minors?

Below are the Board of Regents Draft policies currently being used to govern minors on campus. Also available below is the UA Protection of Minors Handbook which gives further information, guidelines, form and details for the implementation of the Protection of Minors regulations.


The University of Alaska has partnered with Praesidium to provide a full range of services to aid in the protection of minors. These services include risk management solutions as they pertain to minors and a comprehensive training program designed to educate and protect those involved with minors on campus. The document below has a description of this training program and which courses are recommended by the University for Staff, Faculty and Volunteers. Contact the Office of Administrative Services Director to register.

Armatus Online Training Course

What if I am traveling for my activity?

Below are some excellent resources to maximize your safety and preparedness as well as insure you are following UA regulations.

What can I do to mitigate risks?

UAA Risk Services has identified these top eight red flags:

  1. Transportation of people using common and non-common carriers, (includes personal vehicles), to transport students, guests, and visitors.
  2. Involvement of minors (under the age of 18) in any university program or activity. See program evaluation and planning tools at: Minors in UA Programs & Events
  3. Use of hazardous chemicals or materials in any program or activity.
  4. Performing hazardous activities (extreme sports, wilderness events, ice or mountain climbing, bonfires, use or carrying of firearms, etc.).
  5. Contracts and memoranda of agreements with outside entities that include insurance or indemnification clauses that have not been approved by General Counsel and/or Risk Services.
  6. Foreign travel by employees and students (includes Mexico and Canada).
  7. Paying student salaries through the university system to work for other entities.
  8. Renting vehicles for use by non-employees.

Risk Assessment Guide

This Risk Assessment Guide has been created to aid you in assessing and mitigating the risk in your program.

Risk Assessment Guide

Please visit the UAA Risk Services website for more information. As always, keep in close contact with the Office of Administrative Service and plan ahead to insure a successful experience for the students of PWSC.

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