Student FAQs & Payment Plans

Student account Payment Options

Amount Due: You can check your balance and pay your bill online under the student services tab.  To pay online and avoid a service fee, follow these instructions.

Pay in person: The PWSC Business Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Payment Plans: To learn more about payment plans, visit the UAA Payment Plan site.  Plan enrollment requires a registration fee and the plan will not be activated unless the registration fee as well as the first payment has been paid.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Agency Payments: If you are expecting any external funds (i.e. financial aid, scholarships, agency payments, or employee deductions), check to make sure the funds are applied before the payment deadline. Your bill is your responsibility and if it is not paid in full by the payment deadline, you may incur a late fee and/or a hold. 



Are there payment deadlines?

Yes, there are payment deadlines for each semester. They are published on the Academic Calendar. If you don’t pay your balance in full or enroll in a payment plan before the payment deadlines, you can incur a late fee.

How can I make a payment and view my account?

You can view your account online or make payment at any time at UAOnline. Emails are sent out once a month notifying students of their balance. These emails will be sent to whatever email address is set to “Preferred” on UAOnline. Be sure you have a Preferred email address set!

You can also pay in person with a cash, check, or credit card at our Valdez, Copper Basin, and Cordova locations. To pay with a credit card by phone, call 907-834-1620. If you would like to mail a check, checks can be mailed to our mailing address:

Prince William Sound College
Attn: Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 97
Valdez, AK  99686

How to Save Yourself a Service Fee When Paying on Your Student Account

Read this document to learn how to pay online with an e-check to save yourself a service fee: ACH Quick Reference Sheet.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, they are. See the UAA Payment Plans page.

Am I responsible for my balance? What happens if I don’t pay?

When a student registers for a course at PWSC, they assume financial responsibility for that registration. There is no University initiated drop for non-payment. Please drop your class by the drop deadline published in the Course List.

If you fail to meet your financial obligations, PWSC policy requires a financial hold be placed on your account. This hold prevents any enrollment, transcript, or graduation activity. You could also have your PFD garnished or be referred to a collection agency should you not pay your balance.

You must pay, drop or enroll in a payment plan on or before the deadlines posted in the course selection catalog to avoid late fees. Electronic bills are emailed out once a month on the 15th from UAOnline.

How do I appeal charges on my account?

Students have only one year to appeal charges on their account, after the semester in which the charges were incurred. You cannot turn up years later and reasonably expect PWSC to waive past debt.

I’m expecting Financial Aid but it hasn’t shown up on my account yet. What can I do?

For questions relating to Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Coordinator in Student Affairs.

My parent and/or spouse works for the University of Alaska. Am I eligible for a Tuition Waiver?

Students and employees with tuition waivers must submit completed tuition waiver forms by the payment deadline posted in the PWSC course selection catalog and pay any additional fees by the applicable payment deadline.

Completed tuition waivers should be turned into the PWSC Business Office window. More information about tuition waivers can be found on the University of Alaska Benefits website.

My employer is going to pay for one of my courses. What do I need to do?

You should have your employer complete an Authorization for Billing form, and send it to the Accounts Receivable technician in the Business Office. You will need to provide your employer with details regarding the cost of the course.